Aurum Monaco will produce very high end precious metal products, due to its brand-new cutting-edge technology and machinery. The importance of producing “Eco-Responsible” and absolute ethically sourced gold cannot be underestimated in times of global reputational risk for luxury jewellery brands, as well as for the concerned and well-informed consumer.
The gold refinery of Aurum Monaco is based on the latest gold electrolytic refining processes, which eliminates the usage of nitric acids, cyanide or other hazardous chemicals. Aurum Monaco refines gold to a standard finesse of 999.9 per 1000 (24 carats).
The raw gold or gold dore for the refining processes at Aurum Monaco are imported through an extensive affiliate network in Latin America and Africa.
Aurum Monaco is fully committed to uphold the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility throughout our gold supply chain. Aurum Monaco guarantees a fully transparent, traceable origin of all sourced gold through an independently verified sourcing process.